Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back

Wow it has been a long time but I really want to be back on the blog wagon now.  Right after the Martha Pullen show in May I started a contracting job where I work at home on the computer and sitting down to work more on the computer has not been appealing.  After 4 months of this I now feel more at ease and able to have a life outside the job.

I have not been doing very much sewing but I am fitting more of that in too.  I got a store sample done and I am working on a Halloween wall hanging - better get going on that before it is too late!  I am also starting Christmas presents - this year they must come from the stash.  I am really excited about the one I am working on right now, a quilt of course but a very fun one.

I did make this smocked dress for Fallon's birthday.  I have not smocked very much but so far this girl has been the recipient of all my efforts,  isn't she the lucky one?