Monday, February 23, 2009

What's all that White Stuff

No it is not snowing - I am just buried in white fabric. The dress is coming along but the farther I get the more fabric I have to move around. I attached the lining so now there are 2 layers of dress, fortunately no train. The biggest amount of white is the petticoat. I bought bridal netting to make it full and I had yards to gather for the bottom tier, I thought I would go crazy trying to keep it under control. I got all that attached and I have decided I need to add another tier so I will go to JoAnn today and buy 4 more yards of netting - can't wait to start gathering again!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wedding Dress Blues

I guess I was feeling a little overconfident with the wedding dress. I basted all of the interlining pieces to the dress and then basted all of the parts together and had her try it on and found that the weight of the dress is pulling everything down. The pattern has you put in a limited amount of boning but I realized that would not cut it so I slept on it and pulled out my reference books and today I took apart the sections a little at a time so I could add boning to the interlining. I said I would work until 11:00 and then take a break. I finished all of the boning at 10:54! After an hour or so I will go back and put in the zipper.

If it needs more support then I will put more boning in the lining. I feel good about my decisions so far, she will be here for a fitting tomorrow night. I also want to have the lining put together and the slip made - we shall see how much I actually get done. I am pretty much committed to finishing the gown before I work on anything else because the machine is all set up and I recovered my ironing board and I don't want to get any gunk or color that might transfer to the white satin. I really, really want to be working on a quilt and finishing my jacket so this is my motivation.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding festivities begin

All of those pins added to my stash came in handy this morning as I cut out my daughters wedding dress. Yes, I am making "The Dress". Originally she had said, "Mom, I don't want you to be offended but I am going to buy my dress." I said okay that is a load off my plate - then I sat back and waited. After a shopping trip she found a dress she liked but it wasn't in the price range she had set (what a surprise) and it wasn't exactly right so we went and looked at patterns and she drew a picture of what she wants and I started putting pieces together and today I cut it out.

I was concerned about all of that white fabric and all the dog hair my pet leaves around and my husband suggested going over to the church to cut it out. Brilliant! The tables are adjustable and I could put 2 together, the room is big and empty and there is no dog hair. So early this morning I cut out the dress. I still have to do the lining but I didn't get enough fabric for that yet. I really like sewing wedding dresses for my girls - this will be my third- I find it to be a wonderful labor of love and I am looking forward to the experience, I always learn a lot in the process.