Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding festivities begin

All of those pins added to my stash came in handy this morning as I cut out my daughters wedding dress. Yes, I am making "The Dress". Originally she had said, "Mom, I don't want you to be offended but I am going to buy my dress." I said okay that is a load off my plate - then I sat back and waited. After a shopping trip she found a dress she liked but it wasn't in the price range she had set (what a surprise) and it wasn't exactly right so we went and looked at patterns and she drew a picture of what she wants and I started putting pieces together and today I cut it out.

I was concerned about all of that white fabric and all the dog hair my pet leaves around and my husband suggested going over to the church to cut it out. Brilliant! The tables are adjustable and I could put 2 together, the room is big and empty and there is no dog hair. So early this morning I cut out the dress. I still have to do the lining but I didn't get enough fabric for that yet. I really like sewing wedding dresses for my girls - this will be my third- I find it to be a wonderful labor of love and I am looking forward to the experience, I always learn a lot in the process.

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