Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See a Pin Pick it Up

I am pretty picky about my pins. They must be long, have big heads and be sharp. Almost 30 years ago I was taking Stretch and Sew classes and they had ball point pins that would slide right into knits and I fell in love with them. After a while a pin would get dull or rough and I realized I could just throw it away, I felt so decadent.

I also like to pin things, I probably pin more in quilting than some people but when I teach I say do it however you are comfortable. When I was putting together Double Delight for some reason my pin holder only had about 8 pins on it. Now that is not to say it was empty, there were needles and safety pins galore but only a few real pins. Eventually I got tired of only being able to pin a few sections at a time so I pulled out my special box of new pins and added some to it.

This week I was looking for something to take to my quilt group and I grabbed a UFO box on the way out the door. This was a Stack and Whack project that had been around for about 3 years - guess what - there were pieces pinned together. My pin stash was renewed. Yesterday I pulled out a jacket I had started about 3 years ago and I hit the jackpot of pins. Now my pin stash overfloweth, I can put some back in reserve and then I won't worry about using up all of my good ones because they are so hard to find.

Oh by the way when I see a pin I do pick it up because it is probably one my good ones!

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