Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

. . . don't always get me down,I like rainy days and I like Mondays so I am ready to start a great new week.

I have not posted my design wall lately but let me assure you it has not changed much. I did take a picture last week and this is how it looked. All the blocks are complete and laid out in an orderly manner.

I also took one this morning and this is the current look. The pickle blocks are now arranged and ready to sew which I will do today at my lunch bunch quilting group.
I worked on half square triangles for a long time. I got the flu in the middle of making them and I would sew for a while and then go lay down for a while. I was able to complete all of the pinwheels and the blocks with this method. Getting the swine flu may not top every ones list of fun things to do but I didn't feel too bad and I stayed home a lot and sewed.

In the past 3 weeks I also completed a doll quilt, worked on the quilting of Double Delight, finished a store sample for a quilt class, made 2 Boolicious skirts and I have been working on making my scrap pile more manageable - it has been a scary mess, now it is not quite so scary. I use Bonnie Hunters scrap users system so I have been cutting everything into usable strips. I have several scrap projects under construction at this time, I work on them when the mood strikes, someday they will be done but I don't stress about it.

Happy Monday everyone and I hope the rain keeps coming, it really feels like fall around here.


Kare said...

Love you Pickle Quilt - is it paper pieced?

Quilter Kathy said...

Love this quilt...I'd sure love to make one too!

Brenda said...

the quilt is gorgeous. Love the colours.