Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My how time flies

I can't believe the wedding is in 4 days! The wedding dress just needs a little embellishing and the little girls dresses are all done. I decided to wear something I already own so I don't have to worry about my clothing. My parents, oldest daughter, second son and 2 grand babies arrive tomorrow so I am cleaning house and shopping in prep for that. I have a few things to purchase and then I am ready.

Sarah spent the weekend baking and decorating cookies for the wedding favors- she worked at a cookie store and really enjoys the cookies so she thought it would be a good remembrance of her.
We are also going to put cookies on the top of the grooms cake. As a side note we had never heard of grooms cake until we moved to Texas. The grooms cakes we have seen are chocolate and are decorated with something that reminds you of the groom so this cake will have boots and a Texas cookie on it. Our first one had a chocolate directors slate and the next one was chocolate covered strawberries. We haven't figured out the last one yet.

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