Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too Many Projects

We are in the final countdown for wedding number 1 and I realized I probably have too many things going on. I am making the dress for the bride, the granddaughters and myself. I am making and sending the invitations. I also have my Double Delight Quilt ready for quilting, I am learning to smock, and crazy quilt and I just bought a book about how to knit socks. What I really want to be doing is my quilt so that has to go on the back burner as my reward when everything else is done. And if that is not enough my Bee from my quilt guild is responsible for designing and constructing our raffle quilt which we intend to have ready to display in July. I am working on that also.

I did finish my first smocked dress - this one for the baby. I am working on one for her big sister too but I do the smocking while I am watching tv in the evenings. The dresses for the girls are all in various stages of completion and my outfit is almost done. The wedding dress was on hold until I could pin (literally) down the bride for a final fitting. It is now ready for the finishing touches.

I have decided I will work each project through to completion instead of jumping around so now I will go up to my sewing room and finish a little girls dress.

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