Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day Equals Sew Day

We are a little surprised here that we are having a second snow event in one season but I am taking it in stride and using my day for sewing instead of going to work.  I have quite a bit to catch up on, first I am sewing samples for the store.  Lorene is headed to the Sewing Show in Puyallup, Washington so we are very busy cutting kits and making new samples.  I completed a new Sara Jane sample using the Moda Basic Grey Blush line and a  bit of Texture Magic.  I also made a doll dress to match.  The pattern is Sister Smocks by Indygo Junction.

Next I made a doll dress to match one of our newest kits, Saphire,  I used the Dolly Dress Up pattern from Indygo Jucntion (which is the same I used for Sara Jane) and added 2 more panels, it matches the full size dress, every girl needs a doll dress to match, right?.

I need to sew a couple more doll outfits but I decided to take a break from clothing and I pulled out a purse I had already cut out.  It is an Amy Butler pattern, and I just needed to cut and fuse fleece and interfacing.  It turns out that cutting the fabric was no big deal compared to all of the fusible.  It took me a long time and then when I tried to fuse the interfacing it turns out that what I thought was fusible interfacing was not - I really should label things when I buy them.  So I had to start over with the correct fusible. 

Fusing is not a fun task but a few years ago I found a Singer press at a garage sale for $25, you can bet I snatched up that baby in a hurry!  I only pull it out when I have lots of fusing to do but it is great for that, unless you put the fusible on upside down and get gunk all over the pressing plate.  I tried to keep going but it all kept sticking so I quit for the night and watched a movie with the family.  Tomorrow I will clean the press and finish fusing but I may put the project back on hold while I work on some other things.

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