Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day Part II

We had a record snowfall yesterday, 9.5" (latest update is 12.5".)  I know that is not a lot compared to many places but we do not have equipment to deal with it.  If we had snowplows our streets would be cleared and if we had snow shovels our driveway would be cleared, but alas we do not.  My car is pretty much buried in the driveway.  My daughters car is at the end of the driveway because when she came home yesterday afternoon she kept spinning out trying to pull all the way in.  It is 33 degrees right now so maybe it will start melting but until it does we are kind of stuck.

As I sit at my computer I look out onto my backyard and as the light has brightened I noticed there is a huge tree branch on the path that broke off because of the weight of the snow.  Fortunately we have power so far.  I just let the dog out and she is quite puzzled by the tree in her path.

Schools have all been cancelled, I have had emails from stores that they are closed and the newspaper sent out an email last night and said that in case we don't get our paper we can read the news online today.  I guess it may be another sew day!

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