Sunday, November 16, 2008

End of the week report

Another week has flown by, in the news they were moaning about Christmas being less than 40 days away and the retailers are worried. I am not as stressed as I usually am, I just keep working on things and take them as they come. The thing I am getting worried about is Thanksgiving, it is just over a week away.

Yesterday I painted my son's room, I invited my daughter-in-law over to help and she was gracious enough to come. I had thought it would not be that big of deal but it turned out to be pretty major. I think I have been watching too many home improvement shows lately - they make it look so easy - then I realized that when they paint a room it is completely empty, that never seems to work for me. Kari and I spent the day maneuvering around furniture and moving it back and forth but the painting is done. Now I have to clean the carpets (moving the furniture back and forth as I go again) and get the room arranged.

Of course I have a vision for this room but I am pretty cheap so I am trying to use what I have already. I do have a quilt planned for the bed but that won't happen before company comes - oh well.

So this week I am planning to finish the guest room, clean the rest of the house and do some cooking for the next week. I hope to sneak some sewing in too, I have some Christmas gifts in the works.

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