Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pillowcases, Pictures - Oh My

I know blogs are supposed to have pictures so today I am going to try and add one to my post.

As you know I have been working on a guest room. I decided to get new sheets for the bed to coordinate with the rest of the room, which is blue and brown. I have made my own pillowcases for years because I have always thought that the cases were way too expensive, especially when I can buy a twin flat sheet *which usually costs about half of the price of one set of 2 cases) and make 4 cases. I have always folded down the hem and sometimes I used my embroidery machine for a decorative touch but for the last year or so I have been wanting to try the cases with contrasting bands made in a tube. I already had fabric for the bands and I bought an extra twin sheet to match the sheets.

I started last night while we were watching Heroes on the DVR. It seems that every time I sit down to watch Heroes I fall asleep, so about halfway through I got up and started cutting everything out. Perfect - I know how the episode ends and I got something accomplished! Then I wanted to try out the technique so I sewed all of the bands on. This morning I had about 30 minutes before work and I completed one pillowcase and half of another. After dinner I finished the rest and as the clock struck 7:00 I was looking for the camera to take a picture.

This method is faster than my old folded in hem and looks much better. I had a yard of each fabric and since each band took ten inches I could not make them all the same but by alternating the band and the flange fabric I got the 4 cases that coordinate and I have leftover fabric for my scrap projects. I can't wait to make more pillowcase!

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Pat said...

Aren't the pillowcases fun! I just recently ventured away from quilts and started sewing *other* things!

Welcome to Blogland...the quilting bloggers are wonderful and very friendly and helpful!