Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day by Day

Today was not quite as productive as I had hoped. Thanksgiving guests start to arrive in less that 2 weeks and I have a whole house to get clean. I plan to turn my son's room into a guest room and I want to paint it on Saturday but so far he has been pretty slow in cleaning up his stuff. I should point out that he is really a guest right now as he is just here while he is taking a break from college. He should be leaving in January so I think of him as a temporary resident. I did work on my room and the scrapbook/dining room.

I did get to sew today. I have been anxiously waiting to have fabric to try the Studio Tantrum pattern "Redondo". I cut it out and sewed it up this afternoon. Sizing is a little iffy so it will either be for Sprite or Princess - whoever it fits best. The other grandaughter will get one after I figure out the sizing. The skirt turned out very cute and I can't wait for the girls to try it on! I also got to work on some "Secret Stuff" - that's our code for some special occasion is coming and I can't talk about it in public. I realized that I can't post much of what I am working on right now because it qualifies as "Secret Stuff"

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