Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay the painting is done and I just whipped up some curtains (well actually I remade some purchased ones, but they will do)and the carpet is clean. This fall I got hooked on a couple of tv shows while staying with my daughter after she had a baby. We watched lots of Clean House and I got hooked on Top Design. I kept marveling at how fast they could paint a room - not me. Of course the biggest difference is that the rooms they do are totally empty. We had to work around the bed, bookcase, dresser and various other obstacles. First we did it while painting and then I had to do the same thing while cleaning the carpet.

The curtains look pretty good and they do make the room more homey, I did have to send the guys to Dragon Berry as a reward for putting up the rod. Now if Trent will jsut finish cleaning up his stuff I can be done in there and start worrying about the rest of the house.

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