Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas or else

Today has been declared "Decorate for Christmas or else". I feel a bit overwhelmed because as usual I have bitten off way too much but oh well we don't want to be bored do we?

I committed to hosting a portion of a progressive dinner on Thursday, I have 2 quilt group get togethers and gift exchanges and I forgot I am babysitting the twins tomorrow and now she needs me today. This is in addition to sewing gifts and some embroidery work I said I would do for others. What was I thinking?
I was panicked about adding the babysitting but then I decided that was the most important - family comes first. So today I will decorate while I am here.

The tree is up with some ornaments, we have really cut back from past years when we had a 9 foot tree loaded with ornaments and lights. Last year when we had everyone coming we bought a smaller tree and put less ornaments, mostly at the top because of the 1 year olds. This year they are 2 year olds so we are still putting on fewer decorations but I want to set up a train around the base because they will enjoy that.

Jon set up the Fontini Nativity last night, I really like it. We can add new things as we desire and the city of Bethlehem is starting to grow. This is becoming more important each year and it helps us to remember what Christmas is really all about.

We panicked last night when the Christmas CDs were not in their box but while looking for them I found Trent's stocking in an odd spot. Today I opened the box with the rest of the stockings and could not find mine so I may not even get coal this year.

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