Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Amazon Christmas

We decided Amazon got the "dot com" thing right. We seem to be having an Amazon Christmas at our house. Every day packages arrive with the familiar logo on the box - how exciting! Except for one thing, we don't know if they are what my husband and I ordered or what someone else ordered and had shipped here. Should we open it? or just put ugly brown boxes under the tree?

I have checked with family members and found that my daughter in California has sent a number of packages for me to open and then wrap the gifts for the recipients. So now I get to be an elf? Did I mention that wrapping is not my favorite part of the holiday? She did assure me that my gift would be coming late so there would be no chance of me accidentally spoiling the surprise for me.

My other daughter is going crazy because I haven't opened any of the boxes to put things under the tree, I told her I could just wrap them Christmas morning because they would probably want to sleep late. She didn't like that idea. So I guess I will start wrapping today.

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