Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been prepping the living room for the Christmas decorations and I decided I needed to clean the carpet. We have the lovely "we need to put is new carpet to sell this house beige" I guess it makes rooms look clean and big but it sure shows the spots and after 12 years walking on it and multiple pets it can be ugly. Then of course when we have people over we eat in there and now with the grandkids . . well you get the picture!

My friend, Joyce, had told me about a cleaning product that worked for her and I have to tell you I think it is a miracle product. I bought it several months ago and did not use it until now but I sure hope it is still available.

This is what you do:

  • Spray on and let set

  • cover with a wet white terrycloth

  • press with iron on medium

The white cloth will become yucky as it pulls up whatever is on the carpet. I found that pet and food stains come out the best. It did not work on some black greasy spots but it did take out spots I have worked on so many times for so many years I have given them a name.

I bought a pack of cheap white washcloths at WalMart (the place I bought the cleaner). My iron got pretty stained but I used an old one, if I ever want to use it for fabric I will probably need to clean it.

I then used my carpet cleaner to clean the whole carpet. I really like having a carpet cleaner because I can do it at my own speed whenever I feel like it or need too. I did the living room in three sections over three days, allowing each part to dry before moving everything back onto it.

My carpet looks very good now if I do say so myself!

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