Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Did This Happen?

I put my daughter and her family on a plane yesterday and said to myself now I can think about Christmas. The realization is setting in that it is just over 3 weeks away and naturally I have lots more I want to do than there is time for. I planned on making 5 quilts and at least 5 other sewing projects plus a scrapbook project and decorate my house. I guess Christmas cookies will go on the back burner this year.

So now I must prioritize. Several quilts are started so I will work on those first. I have to decorate since I said yes when asked to host dessert for a progressive dinner next week (what was I thinking?) and if I get the sewing projects started I can do them in small pieces of time. The only thing I can't figure is how to fit in is shopping - I hate that anyway but I do need some more fabric for some of the projects so at least my shopping will take to the kind of stores I like.

Today I will clean the carpet in the living room so that we can put the tree up later this week and I will get the sewing machines humming.

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