Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It seems that quilters like to moan about having way too much fabric. I can moan with the best of them but the other night at our quilt bee party I realized that I don't have enough fabric to even worry about joining "stashbusters." We met at Kayleen's house and Maureen told us about taking a pledge to purchase no fabric for a year. Then Kayleen talked about her closet of fabric. We all went upstairs and saw it and I would have to say Kayleen does have a lot but Maureen evaluated and said she did not think there was enough to qualify as a stashbuster. That is when I realized that I am totally out of my league.

I have a room that I store it all in and there is a lot of fabric but the room also has yarn, scrapbook, art supplies as well as various other crafts that I have participated in. I also sew clothing so there is fabric and patterns for that as well as all of the needed interfacings. So even though my room is very full it is not all for one activity. I do have a problem throwing anything away so I have a a lot of scraps. Bonnie at Quiltville has inspired me to keep even more scraps but they are getting organized. I use her scrap savers system and cut leftovers into strips and nickels. So far my bins are small but I am working on it!

Recently Judy at Patchwork Times had a post about her stash - once more it is brought home to me that I really don't have that much (it is all relative remember?) I don't have a lot of big pieces or batting so I think I am okay to buy more. This is what I have purchased since Thanksgiving.

So my pledge for the coming year is to only buy what I want to - I will refuse to purchase any fabric that does not inspire me and that I don't love, unless of course it is just what the quilt needs!

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