Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Week

Can you believe that in just one week it will be Christmas Eve? I am amazed every year. I am also always amazed at my ability to have great plans for gift giving and then not having the time to follow through - oh well that seems to be the story of my life.

I got the first package in the mail today, on its way to California, only three more to mail. I need to go finish my mothers gift and then make some peanut brittle for my father in law and then I can package them up and send them out.

As I put all of the gifts in a priority box and everything fit with room to spare I felt kind of bad that there wasn't more. So I had to remind self that:

  1. some gifts are being shipped directly
  2. my son in law will be getting a t shirt quilt but first he has to give me the shirts
  3. they live in an apartment
  4. they already own every toy known to man
  5. the baby has plenty of hand me down clothes from her sister
  6. big sister and mom have a birthday in January and I have gifts for that already

So I made some little things for the girls, got a "?" for their mom and dad's will have to come later. Why do I feel guilty? What makes us think that it isn't Christmas without lots of stuff? I really am trying to get over this because I certainly do not need stuff for the sake of stuff. Those days are over for me.

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