Sunday, December 14, 2008

Learning Curve

Blogging certainly has a learning curve, I feel like I am starting to get it. My kids and husband have been helping me out and just now I figured some things out on my own and I feel pretty clever. I now have a blog description and new font colors. I know that is not a big deal but I like learning new things.

I am also finding out how blogging can become another hobby. I am seeing my world in a new light and thinking "oh I could blog about that so I had better take a picture" I don't know if anyone will ever read this but I hope to put out some helpful information at some point. Maybe I am just writing it for me but that is okay too because I am recording bits of my life and my posterity can get to know me better.

I have quite a few blogs that I follow on a regular basis and I really like the ideas and things they share. It is like being in a quilt bee 24/7. I finally joined a guild a couple of years ago and then got in a small group known as a bee, prior to that I had always stayed pretty much to myself as far as my sewing went but now I understand. Having a group where you can exchange ideas and get encouragement is great for the creative process and the blog world is also a place where that happens. I am glad I have joined the "blogging bee."

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