Friday, December 5, 2008

First Saturday Quilt Block

My local quilt shop has a first Saturday block of the month where you pay $5.00 for the first block kit and then each month you bring in the completed block and then you get the next one free. If you don't finish or miss a day you have to pay again. I think this is about the 4th year at this particular store.

Last night before I went to bed I realized that my block wasn't done yet and I planned on taking it in on Friday (today) so I got up this morning at six and put it together.

This is how I work - with everything right where I need it. I make it a game to see how much I can chain without cutting the thread, so I will cut off the back pieces, press and keep right on sewing. I can usually do a single block like this without clipping until I put the last row on.

The block was done in time and I even remembered to take it with me. I always say I will make the next block as soon as I get it but it never seems to happen. I know this month I won't because I have way to much other sewing to do.

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